Update from Teach for Nepal and TFNAA

By TFNAA Admin | January 11, 2023

April 2022

Teach For Nepal and the Teach For Nepal Alumni Association have been in regular contact and have gathered together for some meetings in the past few months. Meeting dates are provided below for your information. The common goal of both TFN and TFNAA behind these meetings is to identify the best way forward for collaboration in providing support to the Alumni Community. 

DateBrief Description
11th February 2022TFN Alumni Unit and TFNAA Chairperson
a) Brief update on the operations, administration, and legal compliance-related matters in follow-up to the previous meeting(s) discussions
b) Planned engagement of TFN Alumni Unit and Board members of TFNAA in various small career service and/or support-related plans for the Alumni Community.
c) Planning of follow-up meetings with larger TFNAA board and TFN CEO for strategic meeting planning among others
5th April 2022TFN CEO, TFN Alumni Unit, TFNAA Current Chairperson, and TFNAA Former Chairperson to discuss the following agendas:
a) Current issues of the Alumni Community
b) Challenges and ways forward
9th April 2022TFN CEO and Alumni Unit, TFNAA Former Board Members, and TFNAA Current Board Members met to discuss the following agendas:
a) Current issues of the Alumni Community, challenges and ways forward
b) Update from TFN and TFNAA
c) Discussion and planning an all-alumni meeting

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Alumni Forum: Contemporary Politics

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LinkedIn for Professional Development Session For Alumni

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