Founder/ Co-Founder/ Associated Alumni:

Ruma Maharjan
More Details:

Tekka Go Local is a social enterprise that has been working with the community women to use their existing skills to develop new products. Tekka is a hub for handcrafted products to empower women in terms of skill growth, decision making, and financial savvy.

The Project Tekka Eco Pad is ecologically friendly biodegradable, made from a composite banana fiber that is very absorbent, affordable, soft, and free of chemicals. Sanitary pads will use banana fiber as the raw material which is abundantly found in Nepal. By transforming the banana fiber into a biodegradable pad. It will provide a hygienic, affordable, effective alternative to improve the lives of these women in urban and rural areas without having a detrimental influence on the environment. It will biodegrade in 4-6 weeks after usage, making it environmentally friendly as well as being a  safe option for  women to  use  during   their periods.   Duration of this project took approx, 11-12 months. The time duration can be estimated from 19th April to 11th March, 2021.

This would contribute to a circular economy too in which everyone benefits because when we acquire agro-waste from banana tree farmers, they will also be able to make additional revenue by selling trash that would otherwise be thrown away or burned. Sanitary pad thus addresses the issue of dangerous, expensive sanitary Pad that have a negative influence on the environment, as well as contributing to an increase in banana farmers’ revenue and agro-waste management.