How to become a TFNAA member?

This is a network of vibrant, committed people who have exhibited high leadership and made a significant impact on the community. Our vision is to build a network of active and engaged TFN Alumni communities where members feel connected, supported, and confident to lead impactful initiatives to contribute toward an equitable Nepal.

We are presenting you with an online membership form to be connected with this network officially. Please separate your 10 minutes to fill out the form and get connected with us closely. 

Membership Registration Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe1IHeF0sp0qywsWO8ecDyg6L6DMXuNKC5iUzs3-rJbxFXXHA/viewform

Board Members Annual Contribution: Rs.3000

General Members Fees: Rs.1000

(Note: You are required to send the membership fee through bank transfer by scanning the QR provided in the form and sending your digital passport-size photo to make your membership ID. You can collect your diary at the TFNAA office)

What are the benefits of becoming a TFNAA member?

If you’re a TFN Alumni and want to become a member. As a new member, you’ll unlock several membership benefits, including:

• A TFNAA diary
If you haven’t received the diary and/or the Membership fees receipt already, please collect it from the TFN house during the weekdays from Ms. Anuja Koirala, Alumni Impact Manager at Teach for Nepal.

• Membership Card
As we continue to grow and thrive as an organization, it is important that we keep track of our members. In order to do this, we are in the process of updating and delivering our digital membership identity cards. The membership card will help you get access to membership benefits, privileges, and discount coupons- Travel, health services, products, restaurants, TFNAA merchandise, and many more. In the meantime, if you haven’t already submitted your photo for the membership card, upload your passport-size photo here.

• Access to the TFNAA alumni management platform.
This will provide you access to a digital platform for alumni to promote your initiatives and ventures. You get opportunities to network with one another and easily get connected by accessing members’ databases. You will get information about alumni events.
and get easy access to newsletters, events, career, and investment opportunities information.

• Special invitation to our Annual Events
We have different events scheduled for this year and we will be sending you an email inviting you. We hope you’ll join us there. We recognize that alumni offer a great diversity of talents, skills, and abilities, so if you are interested in leading any sessions, workshops, or activities for the benefit of alumni or have any suggestions for the kinds of events you would like us to plan, please get in touch with us.

• Platform to collaborate with us and/or other TFNAA members
If you have any project you’re interested in that you would like to collaborate with us, you can submit a concept note briefing the key overview of the project idea and outlining the areas of collaboration. Next, we can go over the specifics and formally establish our partnership so that we can make the most of our partnerships.

If I no longer have access to TFN email or don’t frequently check my email, how can I keep up to date with the most recent information?

We have created a WhatsApp group as we figured this might make the process of communication easier. If you feel receiving information via WhatsApp is more convenient than via email, kindly reach out to us